Mecklenburg County Environmental Health Specialist positions

Mecklenburg County has Environmental Health Specialist job openings within our Food & Facilities Sanitation Program. Candidates authorized in Food, Lodging, and Institutions are eligible for a $15,000 sign-on bonus and our New competitive salary range based on years of experience! If you have questions about the position or the Charlotte area, feel free to contact me! If you are interested in this position, please apply by November 22, 2021.

Job Posting Link: <!!HYmSToo!KUj38cwdJXzuCWRZW6pjZl3CAgG8PzBeotbl63CkgdSqm7m9Or98pEZJamYyUxqB4nv3hIw%24&>

Benefits Package: <*20Employee*20Benefits*20Guide.pdf__%3BJSUl!!HYmSToo!JyL4XJArp_XXborO21Cc5rFg-6DDjAnme38WOlixmoYMluywQWLkEnw_XBwDOrPUeK6ZDAU%24&>

Daniel Ortiz, RS

Environmental Health Director

Mecklenburg County Public Health

3205 Freedom Drive Suite 8000 | Charlotte, NC 28208

Office: 980-314-1636 | Cell: 980-297-5950


Environmental Health Specialist Announcement.pdf