Category: Historical Sanitation

  • EH Timeline

    Environmental Health Timeline 1958 On-site Regs

  • Early Public Health: Tarboro

    Town Milk Put Tarboro on the Map As the first city in the country — and perhaps the world — to operate a municipal milk plant, Tarboro set an international example for public health in the early 20th century.  Read more from Our State Magazine.

  • Job title: Sanitarian

      The following article appears to contain the earliest mention of the title Sanitarian in North Carolina Public Health records. The Sanitarian Deserves Highest Rank Among Professional Men.  Author: J Howell Way, MD, President of the North Carolina State Board of Health, Waynesville, NC It was Wm. E. Gladstone who said the world appreciated and…

  • Historical Sanitation

    1958 On-site regulations for the State of NC.

  • Sewage Rules

    This is the forerunner to today’s modern on-site sewage disposal rules. Here is the 1975 version.

  • Pit Privy guide

    This is a North Carolina classic in sewage disposal. Pit Privy guidelines. View it here.