2 Environmental Health Specialists Positions in Cleveland County

We have 2 open positions for Environmental Health Specialists in Cleveland County due to Retirement. Cleveland County offers competitive wages and exceptional benefits.

Full Time Benefits include:

Health Plan with $0 Employee Only Premium 5% 401K/457 Retirement Plan

HSA Dollars up to $1,100 Vacation, Sick, Comp & Petty Leave

Direct Dental Reimbursement Holiday Pay

Employee Wellness Center YMCA Membership Discounts

Health Dept. Pharmacy Wellness Programs

Local Government Retirement Plan And More….

Please see the attached Position Listing and Have a great day!

Michelle S. Ford, REHS

Environmental Health Program Coordinator

Cleveland County Environmental Health

200 S. Post Road, Shelby, NC 28152

(980) 484- 5130 – office

(980) 484-5135 – fax


Environmental Health Specialist Position.pdf