Wilkes County Food and Lodging Program Specialist

Wilkes County is currently recruiting for a Food & Lodging Program Specialist with a new adjusted pay scale. Wilkes County is offering a competitive pay in a rural setting with less complicated specialized processing facilities to regulate. In lieu of a sign on bonus which might take months or years to receive, Wilkes County is offering a reimbursement for moving expenses to the beautiful Foothills of North Carolina for anyone already authorized in the Food and Lodging Program. Our Food and Lodging Program Specialist position will serve as our lead in our Food and Lodging Program. This role will include supervisory duties of daily work flow for Food & Lodging team members and managing mandated inspections. This position will promote progress in the FDA Program Standards and coordinate outreach and training in our community. This position will be our lead trainer and mentor for the Food and Lodging team members and will conduct our quality assurance and plan review responsibilities. Wilkes County will offer a competitive salary based on years of experience and current authorizations. This position has potential for additional professional advancement.

Benefits include: New Adjusted Pay Scale, Reimbursement for the Moving Expenses per negotiation, A 7.5 hour work day, 37.5 hour work week, 2.5 % increases in pay with additional authorizations for cross training, vacation accrual determined by total number of years of service in the county, 7.5 hours of earned sick leave monthly, health, dental and life insurance at no cost to the employee, longevity based on years of service, county vehicles, paid holidays, Local Government Retirement, and a wellness benefit to keep the employee health.

All applicants should complete the PD 107 State Application and submit to Human Resources at aedwards.

Thank you,

Angela Rhodes

Environmental Health Supervisor

Wilkes County Health Department

306 College Street

Wilkesboro, NC 28697

(336) 651-7530 phone

(336) 651-7562 fax


PD 107 State Application.doc