Wake County Employment Opportunity- OSWW

Wake County is recruiting for an Environmental Health Specialist in our On-Site Wastewater Program.

If you have an interest in more advanced water treatment systems, you will have an opportunity to work with them in Wake County. Wake County Water Quality keeps up with developments in the industry through encouraging staff development and collaborating with partners that design, install, and build. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow with a program that will give you new challenges and opportunities every week.

Primary Duties:

  • Perform the mandated enforcement of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to wells, on-site wastewater systems, residuals and public swimming pools.
  • Evaluates land to determine the suitability for installation of on-site ground absorption wastewater systems
  • Evaluates installations of on-site ground absorption wastewater systems
  • Perform Well inspection, Swimming Pool Inspections, Exsiting system inspections, and Operation and Maintaince inspections
  • Investigate Public Health complaints, Legal Preparations, Continuing Educations, Emergency Response, Grave Removal and Natural Disaster Shelter Duty, Educational presentation to the public
  • Create and support a Team work environment

A few of the many additional services offered to Wake County Employees:

  • Employee wellness clinic
  • Additional 5% Contribution to 401(k)
  • Competitive Salary for Authorized EHS


Jill Perkins

Water Quality Manager

Wake County Government

Environmental Services


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