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2014 Richard R. Dideriksen Public Health Professional Development Award

The nominations are now open for the 2014 Richard R. Dideriksen Public Health Professional Development Award.

NCEHSA is seeking qualified applicants for the Richard Dideriksen award to be presented at the spring 2014 meeting in Aberdeen. The award will be presented at the banquet on Thursday Night. (4/10/14)

All nominations are due by March 7, 2014. Please consider nominating a deserving staff member for this prestigious award.

Download the nomination packet here.

Spring 2014 Conference announcement

See our Conference page for the details of ncehsa.org’s 2014 Spring Conference.  You can find the agenda and a downloadable registration form.

For the minutes from our Fall 2013 Conference, please goto this link.

2013 Spring Conference details

The spring Environmental Health Supervisors Meeting will be held April 17 – 19, 2013 in Aberdeen.  A request for 11.5 hours of continuing education will be requested from the North Carolina Board of Environmental Health Specialist Examiners.

The meeting is open to Environmental Health Directors, Supervisors, Coordinators, and Program Specialists, and retired active members of the association. The registration fee is $50.00 and includes the banquet. Please submit applications by April 12, 2013.

See the conference page for details of the agenda and to download a registration form.

2013 Nominations for Supervisor of the Year are now open.

Nominations for the 2013 Environmental Health Supervisor of the Year Award are now open. All nominations must be received no later than 5:00 PM March 15, 2013. The award will be presented as a part of the Thursday night banquet at the spring meeting in Aberdeen.

Nomination information and instructions follow. Download the complete instructions here.


Nominations for the North Carolina Environmental Health Supervisors Association (NCEHSA) Supervisor of the Year may be submitted by an Environmental Health Specialist, Environmental Health Program Specialist, Environmental Health Programs Coordinator, Environmental Health Supervisor, Environmental Health Director, or a Health Director working in a local health department within the state of North Carolina. [See instructions below]

The nominee must presently work as an Environmental Health Director, Environmental Health Supervisor, Environmental Health Programs Coordinator, or Environmental Program Specialist with at least three full years’ experience.

The nominee must be actively engaged in the field of Environmental Health and an active member in good standing in their district of the NCEHSA.

These nominations must be received no later than 5:00 PM on March 15, 2013 in order to provide the award committee with enough time to evaluate the submissions.

The following format is to be used for the submission of nominations:

§ Letter from person or persons making the formal nomination [required] Be sure to include your contact information.
§ Photograph of the nominee [recommended]
§ Description of personal facts regarding the nominee [recommended]

§ List of formal education as well as special training and experience regarding the nominee [required]

§ Record of places of employment, including dates and scope of responsibilities of the nominee. [required]

§ Organization affiliation(s), detailing offices and committee responsibilities regarding the nominee. [required]

§ Contributions worthy of interest that are to the betterment of environmental health sciences or the environmental health profession of the nominee. [required] These can include publications authored or co-authored by the nominee; significant scientific or applied research; accomplishments in the development or implementation of new, broader, and/or improved concepts, procedures, or techniques in the practice of environmental health.

§ Significant contributions by the nominee to the professional status of Environmental Health Specialists not covered in other categories above. [recommended] Such contributions may include civic or school activities or affiliations.

§ Inclusion of letters of reference or endorsement for the nominee. [required]
§ Copies of publications (or proper reference to source), and other significant support documents of the nominee. [recommended]

Please mail all nomination materials to:
Bob Whitwam
Forsyth County Department of Public Health
PO Box 686
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-0686

(Please, no Fax or e-mail of nominations / materials)

Remember to follow the above format and instructions exactly.

2013 Central NCEHSA update

Central NC Environmental Health Supervisors’ Association will hold its first meeting March 8, 2013 at Bass Pro Shop located at 8181 Concord Mills Blvd. Concord, NC 28027. The agenda can be found here.

As needed, please contact Connie Pixley with round table topics for discussion.

For the 2013 Central NCEHSA application, go to this link. After completion, simply forward to Connie Pixley at the below mailing address.

Orange County Health Department
P O Box 8181 131 W Margaret Ln.
Hillsborough, NC 27278

For all CNCEHSA meeting dates see this document.