Sr Environmental Health Specialist position

I am excited to share we have a vacant Senior Environmental Health Specialist position posted in Mecklenburg County. The position available is in our Planning and Support Services section on our Plan Review and Permitting team. This Senior EHS position has primary job duties including permitting food service establishments, mobile food units, and pushcarts. Other duties include conducting risked based food service inspections, training staff, and assisting in electronic plan review.

Mecklenburg County Human Resources has completed a multi-year class and compensation project to offer a more competitive salary and benefit package to the EH profession.

The new salary range effective July 1, 2022 for the Senior EHS position is 65,387 min -81,784 mid -98,081 max based on experienced and years of service by Human Resources. The link to the position is shared below and will close at midnight June 20th.

If you are interested feel free to reach out to me, Amber Daniels (Amber.Daniels) or Matt Cook (Matt.Cook) for questions about the job or the Charlotte area. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity.

Amber Daniels, REHS | Environmental Manager

Planning & Support Services | Mecklenburg County Public Health

3205 Freedom Drive Suite 8000 | Charlotte, NC 28208

Office: 980-314-3470 | Cell: 704-621-2291