Central EHSA meeting

For those of you signing up for the training in Surry County on August 30th please see the attached information.  At this location you will not need to bring a bag lunch.  There are three menu items to choose from.  We will turn in our order at the beginning of the training so that it can be prepared and ready to serve when we break for lunch.  We have also reserved a block of rooms for lodging.

You can register for the training at:  http://ehs.ncpublichealth.com/oet/events.htm

For the Central NCEHSA members we will hold a brief business meeting at the conclusion of the training.  I plan to send out the minutes from our previous meeting via email before August 30th.  That way you can review them ahead of time.  If you have any items you feel we need to discuss please submit them ahead of time as well.  That way we can prepare and expedite the meeting.  The training is scheduled to end at 4:30 and we don’t want to keep everyone any later than necessary.

Tracie N. Lakey, REHS
CNCEHSA Secretary