Alamance County openings

Alamance County has an opening for two Environmental Health positions!

One Environmental Health Specialist and one Environmental Health Program Specialist, both in the onsite wastewater section.

The program specialist position is as our Quality Assurance and Well Water Coordinator. In this role you will be responsible for reviewing all permits and paperwork after issuance, working with supervisor on Quality Assurance findings and staff training needs, and reviewing water sample results and sending reports to the public.

Alamance County Environmental Health receives excellent support from the Health Director, County Manager, and the Commissioners. If you are interested in working for a progressive county with an experienced, team oriented and motivated staff of Environmental Health Specialists, please consider applying with us! Alamance County offers some excellent benefits such as:

  • A flex schedule with the option to work 4 – 10 hour days and enjoy a nice, long 3-day weekend
  • Career ladder
  • 2% 401k match
  • Clothing allowance
  • Use of the employee wellness clinic at no charge
  • Use of the county gym at no charge to employees

Salary is commensurate with both credentials and experience.

Come join our awesome staff and help continue to make Alamance County Environmental Health a great place to work! Both opportunities close on December 4th.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this position!

Ryan Langley

On-Site Waste Water Supervisor

Alamance County Health Department

(336) 570 6367 x 10330

EHPS-QA and Well Water.pdf

REHS 11 20 2020.pdf