Soil Scientist Buncombe County NC

Soil Scientist

The primary purpose of this position is to evaluate soils at sites where residential,
commercial, or industrial construction is proposed, using on-site ground absorption
sewage disposal systems and ensure compliance with all state and county laws, rules, and regulations.

Essential Functions of the position:
 Perform site evaluations for the location of wells, on-site subsurface wastewater
disposal systems and as part of the appeals process.
 Assist and accompany Environmental Health Specialists and /or Environmental Health
Program Specialists with the evaluation of sites and design criteria.
 Ensure proper adherence to construction requirements by contractors through
inspection of the well based on state regulations; assist well owners with well water
quality problems.

Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience: Graduation from a four-year college
or university with a major in soil science, agronomy, or a related curriculum and two years of experience in the field of soil sciences; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Additional Training and Experience: Completion of Orientation and Initial Internship Training and two years of experience at the Environmental Health Specialist level in a health department License or Certification Required by Statute or Regulation: Registration is required by the North Carolina Board of Sanitarian Examiners under provisions of Chapter 90A of the General Statutes of North Carolina.

This position has been identified as an emergency essential position and as such employees in this position may be needed to work, including after-hours, weekends and during a public emergency (to include but not limited to: floods, ice storms, disease outbreak, terrorist attack, etc).

Duties, Responsibilities, and Other Functions:
 Conduct site evaluations of proposed individual sites in subdivisions to determine the suitability of the site for use of an on-site subsurface wastewater disposal system.
 Conduct site evaluations and field analysis of well locations, to ensure the ability of the soil to accept and treat tank effluent.
 Conduct site evaluations as part of the appeal process; provide client with the proper contacts and procedure of the results of the appeal as well as the process for further appeals and/or hearings.
 Respond to specific inquiries from the public about site and/or permit status.
 Serve as the primary contact person of all subdivision developers to provide
information and answer questions related to proposed on-site sewage disposal systems.
 Complete necessary reports, permits and correspondence with property
 Assist Environmental Health Specialists and/or Environmental Health Program
Specialists with soil/site reports, determination of site suitability, evaluation of sites and design criteria, including repairs to malfunctioning systems.
 Evaluate problem sites with complex slopes and topography, drainage problems, or lack of available space.
 Provide back-up support for re-inspections of existing well systems, system installation inspection, and operation permit issuance, etc.
 Plan, organize and conduct public education in cooperation with the On-site Program Supervisor and the Environmental Health Director to present at professional
organizations such as Board of Commissioners, Health & Human Services Board,
realtors, builders, developer and civic organizations.
 Plan, organize and conduct in-house staff education in cooperation with the On-site
Program Supervisor and the Environmental Health Director.

Department: Health and Human Services
Location: Asheville, NC
Job Posting End Date: December 06, 2019
Salary Range: $31.38 – $33.23
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