Here’s a bit of legislative news — RD update

April 30th is Crossover deadline. Crossover: In order to be eligible for consideration during the 2015 or 2016 Regular Sessions of the 2015 NC General Assembly, all bills other than (i) those required to be referred to the Committee on Finance or the Committee on Appropriations/Base Budget, (ii) those establishing districts for Congress or State or local entities, or (iii) adjournment resolutions must pass out of the chamber in which it was introduced and move forward for consideration in the opposite chamber by April 30, 2015.

Bills of interest:
SB 7 (Allow Seating for Food Stand Customer) – this bill passed out of the Senate this week and is now headed to the House. The bill did receive a PCS (Proposed committee substitute) that was voted on favorably. The PCS improved the public health concerns of this bill. We will continue to follow the bill in the House.

Have a great weekend,
Richard D