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*** Evidence-Based Public Health Law. A recent paper in Evaluation Review (34:3, June 2010) provides researchers and practitioners with a practical, how-to guide for applying the scientific method to measure the law for quantitative research. The paper, “Measuring Law for Evaluation Research,” commissioned by the Public Health Law Research Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and written by Charles Tremper, Sue Thomas and Alexander C. Wagenaar, provides detailed guidance for conducting multidisciplinary evaluations that use legal data. To read the paper, please visit

*** Local Public Health Ordinance and Regulation Resources. Kristine Gebbie (Hunter College-CUNY), James G. Hodge, Jr. (Arizona State University), and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, have produced three resources that may be helpful in developing new local public health laws, crafting a new research agenda for the role of local laws in protecting the public’s health, and sharing perspectives on innovations in local public health law practice. Specific reports include: “Major Components and Themes of Local Public Health Laws in Select U.S. Jurisdictions,” Public Health Reports 2009 (available at, “Complete Guide for Local Public Health Ordinances” (available at, and “Advancing Public Health Practice and Policy Solutions: Building the Base for a Research Agenda on Local Public Health Legal Authority” (available at